Why Feminist Fathering?

When I first started exploring the overlap between feminism and fatherhood there wasn’t a lot out there. Sure I was up on all of the heavy hitters in regards to men’s work and feminism – Jackson Katz, Michael Kimmel, Tony Porter, Byron Hurt, Alan Johnson, etc.

And while many of these pioneers in the new men’s movement often dropped “the F word” few did so within the context of fatherhood. There didn’t seem to be a conscious effort to galvanize the two terms or concepts into a single idea. Kimmel and Porter seem to have come the closest and in much of their work the linkage is implied, but things often do not manifest fully until they are properly named and invoked.

As recently as a year ago when you searched for “feminist fatherhood” on Google it would turn up no results and Google would instead ask “Did you mean: feminist motherhood?” It was as if the two terms could not conceivably co-exit together.


Silly Dad feminism is for moms!

It wasn’t actually until last January 2011 that Google started displaying hits for both “fatherhood” and feminism” and it was in relation to various feminist blog postings about the birth of rapper Jay Z’s daughter which precipitated an awakening within him to the plight of women’s issues. Unfortunately the story turned out to be an internet hoax, which is unfortunate because as dads we could really use a celebrity feminist father in our corner.

So that is how this blog came into being. To claim space and create a venue for what I believe to the most important new frontier for fathers in the 21st century – having the courage and conviction to raise our kids with a mindfulness to how gender socialization and politics effect three core areas:

  •  Our personal orientation to parenting as a male-identified parents
  • Our child’s personal development and self-identity across the gender spectrum
  • Our relationship with your child’s mother or other co-parenting partner

A Feminist Father is a dad that seeks to transcend the sociopolitical gender landscape in the noble pursuit of raising a fully realized human being.

 Dads in what ways is feminism enhancing your parenting style and creating positive outcomes your kids and co-parenting partners?

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