10 Tips For Feminist Fathers

1.Seek to understand how gender issues effect you personally as a man and how you have been socialized to perform your gender.

2.Become mindful of how male privilege and patriarchy effects your role as a partner and parent.

3. Strive to maintain a healthy, egalitarian, co-parenting relationship with your child’s mother. Share power with your child’s mother and all women.

4. Both mothers and fathers bring unique but equally important perspectives to the parenting process. A well-rounded parent is a provider and protector, as well as a nurturer and a caregiver. Nurture the nurturer in yourself.

5. Allow your kids to explore the full spectrum of gender expression. Treat sons and daughters equally. Don’t parent with gender double standards.

6. Teach your kids media literacy skills and practice the art of culture jamming.

7. Empower your kids with the tools to become young advocates, allies, and activists. Get them involved early and often. Connect them to community.

8. Talk to your kids about the intersection of oppression – gender, race, class, sexual orientation, age, etc.

9. Lovingly challenge other men on sexist behaviors and beliefs. Provide accountability and support. Keep good company.

10. Walk the talk. Be a good male role model. Take care of yourself. Smell the roses.

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